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Test pressings of The Golden Room LP. Coming soon, y’all…

Test pressings of The Golden Room LP. Coming soon, y’all…



Originally recorded in winter of 2009 at Bowdoin College for ‘Roads In.’ Rerecorded in spring of 2012 in Cambridge, MA for Bedroom Singles. Released to you now.
released 08 October 2013
Henry Jamison - guitar, vocals
Peter McLaughlin - drums, omnichord, keyboards & electronics
Jeff Beam - Moog bass
Scott Nebel - guitar
Keith Nelson - bass clarinet

recorded by Keith Nelson & James Krivchenia
mixed & mastered by James Krivchenia

artwork by Jakob Battick



:D D:

Yep. Check for updates. 



Summer’s over and it was good, for the most part. Despite numerous car problems, we played our circuit faithfully. We also managed to finish a six-song “record”, which is now in the hands of our mastering engineer and is scheduled for an October release. Making the record was a bit like building a house out of twigs, but we’re confident now that each one is in place, that its structure is sound, that there’s even wainscoting and a doorbell. 

We will be breaking out of our northeast touring circuit in October and heading into the heart of the country for 3+ weeks of shows. More details will be provided as everything falls into place. In the meantime, we’ll be playing around Maine, including two shows this Saturday, September 8th, at the Aurora Music Festival and at our Bar Harbor haunt, Lompoc Cafe. Then Poland St. in Portland on Wednesday with the inimitable Philly band, Hop Along, and Old Town the next day with Quilt and a full Jeff Beam band. 

Also expect some collaborations to surface. Our current (?) roommate Wes Hartley and I have written two songs together and will bring them to the band within the month. We may also be in about four other bands with Wes. Peter is engineering and playing drums for Maine’s poet-laureate, Billy Carr. A split with Jacob Augustine has been discussed for about a year now and we will appear as Lady Lamb’s rhythm section on her debut studio album, which will come out sometime, I’m sure. I’ll be doing some crunk tracks with Jakob Battick and Beam will continue to conjure spirits from a psychedelic past. 




May these delights we dread to lose,
This privacy, need no excuse
But to that strength belong,
As through a child’s rash happy cries
The drowned parental voices rise
In unlamenting song.




We are going on our first real tour since December or so. It’s with Tallahassee and it should be DOPE. We’re hitting the big markets in our circuit (that’s jargon): 

Thursday 7/12 in Montreal @ Casa Del Popolo / Sala Rossa w/ Folly & The Hunter and Bent By Elephants
Friday 7/13 in Burlington @ The Monkey House
Saturday 7/14 in Boston @ Great Scott w/ The Days Weight
Sunday 7/15 in Portland @ One Longfellow Square w/Jacob Augustine
Monday 7/16 in Portsmouth @ The Red Door

Tallahassee does yoga before shows. And then they drink beer. I wanted to get a leather jacket before we went back to Montreal, but it’ll be 87 degrees anyway, so I’ll have to find other ways of looking European. Or I’ll just brutally mispronounce everything and wear my sambas and a Sox hat. My main hope for this tour is that my car survives and that I somehow am able to spend no money at all. They feed you at Casa Del Popolo and then my mom will make something in VT and then I’ll probably have to get pizza in Boston and wow this is boring klweklwlkqmkmd11



tu me manques

We’re still here, biding our time, finishing up some tracks, re-working some others, writing, collaborating, sleeping. I’ve been tracking viola, feeling my way towards full string arrangements. Four tracks will be done soon, as soon as Scott lays down his guitar lines and atmospheres. Then it’s back to drums briefly, figuring out how to get the energy up in the more driving songs and then building them up. Hopefully my guitar playing will improve. 

We’re opening for Bowerbirds at SPACE in Portland on June 20th, though Beam won’t be with us. He’ll be on a tour of his own, with Soft Bullets, including a stop at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, opening for our bros Wintersleep. We’ll work out a special set for this one.

Expect some announcements mid-summer, still being sussed-out. Swag surfin’. 





HE jester walked in the garden:

The garden had fallen still;

He bade his soul rise upward

And stand on her window-sill.






March winds bring April showers

and sometimes society women dress up as goddesses. 

It’s the first day of March and there are like ten inches of snow outside. February is the worst month of the year and everyone knows it. So our hopes are high for a happy and productive March. We have a lot going on between recording, booking and touring. Here’s what the touring looks like:

3.3 AS220 :: Providence, RI :: w/ Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps
3.8 The Liberal Cup :: Hallowell, ME w/ Jeff Beam
3.9 Paddy Murphy’s :: Bangor, ME :: w/ Jeff Beam
3.10 Lompoc Cafe :: Bar Harbor, ME :: w/ Coke Weed 
3.11 Olin College :: Needham, MA
3.15 ZEN :: Bangor, ME :: KahBang Arts Show
3.22 Empire Dine and Dance :: Portland, ME :: w/ Cuddle Magic
3.27 Live on WMBR Pipeline show (Boston)
3.28 Great Scott :: Allston, MA :: w/ You Won’t
3.29 Sierra Grille :: Northampton, MA 
3.30 The Arts Block :: Greenfield, MA :: w/ Cuddle Magic
3.31 Fury’s Publick House :: Dover, NH :: w/ Tan Vampires

We’re recording in the breaks and hoping to finish by the beginning of April. S’gonna be good. Then it’s mixing/mastering/cover art/duplication/waiting/preparing. 

Also, my birthday is March 30th. I will be 24. Have a good day.